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Last night I had a drunk Josh talking in his sleep and kicking me in the back, which meant I only got 3 hours sleep. still find everything about last night so funny, even though Oceana was absolute hell and I thought I was going to be sick. But I can now say freshers is officially over for me and I won’t be consuming any alcohol for a while

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Someday, I want to be able to wake up and think ‘I feel like getting up and flying to Mexico,’ and I’ll be able to do it. Free of charge, no rules, I can just get up, get dressed and take the earliest train out. I hate the fact that we have to pay to explore the world. I know that there are reasons why we can’t just keep hopping from one city to another, but I’d really love to be able to do that. The world is our home. A lot of people don’t have the privilege to travel and that breaks my heart. I want everyone to be able to see how beautiful the world really is. I want travelling to be as simple as walking across the street to the grocery. It frustrates me how much money it costs to see everything there is out there and how most people are limited to exploring their small towns instead of learning about new cultures, walking on foreign soil, and meeting exotic people.
I wish that school didn’t consist of long lectures, confined in a usually boring, plain classroom, but instead, I want us to learn by seeing new places. I want us to learn by experiencing things at interesting places, never forgetting any detail about the ancient civilizations because you’d be able to see where they lived by flying to the ruins with your classmates and teachers, being able to understand architecture better with the all the Greek structures standing right in front of you, writing amazing poetry because you can feel the words coming to you as the wind tangles in your hair, glancing up at the brilliant orange sunset above New York City.
I want to explore. I want for everyone to open their eyes. I want us all to fall in love with the world.
- Kyra
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I want this top
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"It was probably nothing but it felt like the world." - Morrissey, Autobiography  (via paintdeath)

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